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“Miriam is simply an excellent instructor, and taking her course enhanced my prior knowledge about cake baking. I feel fulfilled.”

Victoria Maleeq

CEO, Veema Cakes

“Bake And Beads made my dreams come true! Now, I can bake and decorate cakes with confidence. Thank you, Miriam.”

Okoli Maryann

“I made donuts using the recipe from 17 AMAZING FINGERFOODS online course, they are super fluffy and there’s always a mad rush for them on the days I sell them. In fact they sell out fast! Thanks Mimi.”

Olohi Steven-Igetei, CEO, Olohibakes

“Thank you Miriam for training me so well in cake baking and decoration and for imparting so much knowledge in me.”

Motunrayo Adeyinka

CEO, EmpressMo Cakes

“I have been using the Cake Pricing Worksheet from Profitable Cake Pricing online course to set my prices right and my clients are gradually adapting to the new price list. Thank you ma’am.”

Elizabeth Olanrewaju

Creative Director, Treats By Pearl Creations