Are you passionate about cake baking? Do you seriously desire to earn an extra income from cake baking but you have a very tight work schedule that would not allow you get the right cake baking training?

Do you earnestly wish to be trained on how to bake a cake to enable you start a cake baking business? Do you want to learn how to bake light, extra fluffy, super moist and decadently luscious cakes?

How would this make you feel if I tell you that you can learn cake baking right from the cozy comfort of your home! Relax! What you need is here already!

” BAKING PERFECT CAKES” is an online course prepared just for you! It is a course that will introduce you to the world of cake baking, with a step by step guide from the varieties of ingredients to be used to their functions; terminologies and techniques involved in cake baking to the actual baking of twelve (12) varieties of luscious cakes…….



Are you very passionate about cake decoration but you don’t know where to start from, so you need to learn from scratch? Do you bake cakes perfectly well but your decorations are a write-off?

Do you want to learn how to decorate cakes using different mediums and simple tools to achieve unique designs?

Are you scared of handling buttercream or fondant cake decoration because it always turn out to be a mess making you lose clients?

Relax! The solution you need is here!

EXCLUSIVE CAKE DECORATION online course has been prepared with detailed step by step guides to lead you into the world of cake decoration, teach you about icing ingredients and their functions, preparation methods for your icing medium, and use of various simple cake decoration tools to achieve beautiful designs for your cakes.


In this course, you will learn:

1. how to prepare your icing medium to get the best result.

2. how to tackle cake decoration problems arising from handling buttercream and fondant……..



Do you bake perfect fluffy and moist cakes but you do not know the exact price your wonderful cakes are worth?

Do you always get scared each time you want to tell your clients the real price they should pay for the beautiful cake they are ordering from you?
Do you always get upset with yourself after spending so much time away from home and your loved ones baking and decorating a gorgeous cake only to recieve peanuts as the price for that huge cake?
Do you have that inner conviction that you should charge more for your excellent cake baking and decoration skills yet you cannot voice it?
Relax! The help you need is here already!
 PROFITABLE CAKE PRICING” short course is prepared just for you! It is an online course well thought out, and created to teach bakers the right approach to putting a price on their cakes and selling them confidently.
It is a course that will give you a practical guide to calculating the actual selling price of both your baked cakes and decorated cakes.
This is a course that will help you put a profitable price tags on your cakes and see your gains flowing into your pocket….



Are you a caterer, a baker, a cake artist or even a party planner who wants to learn how to make delicious, amazing and mouthwatering finger foods so you can have another stream of income from selling and supplying them for parties?

Are you looking to start a business where you can make and sell snacks and finger foods but you do not have the necessary skills needed to make these very tasty delicacies?

Are you a home maker, a supermom who loves dishing out varieties of pastries to entertain friends and family but you do not know much when it comes to making delicious and savory finger foods?

Worry not, we got you covered!

17 AMAZING FINGER FOODS is a very detailed and well structured online course that will teach you how to make varieties of snacks and small chops. You will be well guided starting from the technical terms to ingredients used, dough preparation, mixing method, preparation of varieties of fillings for your tasty snack!



Do you remember that feeling you get when the few recipes you have become boring and begins to taste bland to you?

When the only one recipe you know is actually the only recipe you have?

You are just mixing and matching up ingredients without getting the right balance and the desired result in texture, structure, taste and appearance?

When your clients are beginning to itch for something exciting to tickle their insatiable taste buds but you have nothing in your portfolio of recipes to offer?

Or, in fact , you just darn need to try something new just for a change?

We got you covered!

At THE RECIPE HUB, you have varieties of fail-proof, balanced, tested and trusted recipes to choose from. Ranging from extra fluffy, super moist luscious cakes, cupcakes, quick bread; mouth-watering pastries with savory fillings; and icing recipes…… 



Do you struggle a lot with fondant and find it very frustrating to work with?

Do you always experience fondant cracks, tear and dry-out anytime you work with your fondant?

Are you always having sweaty fondants that are killing your decoration skills?

Do you always have fondant wastage from leftover fondants that you can no longer use because they are as hard as a rock

Is your fondant breaking apart, and not stretchy even when still soft?

Do you need to replace your fondant recipe immediately because it does not deliver great results?

Have you been indirectly rejecting fondant cake orders because you have fondant fears?

Do not give up yet. We got you covered!

 FONDANT SOLUTIONS MASTERCLASS” is an online course well thought out, and created to help bakers and upcoming cake decorators fight the fear of fondant and also overcome fondant handling challenges. 

It is a course that will give you a detailed guide on how to handle your fondant for the best result, adapt to weather conditions while working with fondant, and avoid/overcome fondant handling challenges.   This is a course that will give you an in-depth knowledge about fondant ingredients and how they affect the outcome of your fondant….



Are your kids wearing you out with unending demands of sweet treats even after having their usual meals but you have ran out of ideas on what else to give them?

Are you a working class mom who wishes to make and stock mouthwatering cakes and pastries over the weekend so that you and your children can have them as snack bites in your lunch packs during the week days?

Are you a housewife, a supermom who loves dishing out varieties of treats to entertain friends and family but you do not know much when it comes to making delicious cakes and savory snacks?

Do you always wish you could make simple birthday cakes for your children to reduce the cost you would have paid to order a custom made cake?

Worry not, we got you covered!