Meet your instructor, Miriam MacRaymond-Ojuola

Miriam MacRaymond is the CEO of Bake & Beads. She is a Cake Artist who started her cake baking journey through online courses whilst still holding a 9-5. So far, she has developed and reconstructed lots of fail-proof cake recipes.

She is very passionate about teaching and showing aspiring and upcoming bakers how fun and easy it is to bake and decorate light, fluffy, moist and luscious cakes and profitably sell them too!


In her classes, she gives a professionally detailed step by step guide on all topics for easy assimilation, and her students receive equal attention, whether in a group or private coaching class.

So far she has trained 83 women on Cake Baking and Decorations; Sugarcraft; Pastries/fingerfoods; Cake Pricing and Packaging; and some of these women have already launched their cake baking and pastry businesses.