Anytime you are thinking of baking a cake, what is the very first thing that comes to your mind? The ingredients you need? The necessary tools? A recipe? Or the satisfaction you will get after baking your cake and it comes out great with a luscious taste? That’s my favorite part-when it comes out great!

I must tell you this, the first thing that should come to your mind should be the recipe you would use to bake that cake. So gone are the days when cake baking was all about flour, sugar, butter and eggs. Naaa. Not in this century anymore.

For you to bake great cakes, perfect cakes…. I mean flawless, fluffy, moist and delicious cakes that melt in your mouth with every bite, you need a series of instructions to guide you every step of the way.

This is where a recipe comes in. Not just any recipe scooped out from nowhere, but a winning recipe. A standard, fail-proof recipe that contains all the necessary instructions is what you need to take your first baking step in the right direction.

Standard recipes have a baking ratio that gives it a balance making sure that all the ingredients are in the right proportion giving your baked goodies the right structure and stability. It also ensures that the right ingredients are used to bring about the right texture, taste, aroma and mouth-feel.


These are what an elaborate recipe will give you: 

the name of the cake you plan to bake

the type and size of baking pan to use

the baking pan preparation method

the ingredients you are to use and their quantities

the technique involved in mixing the ingredients

the right order of adding the ingredients

the texture to look out for while mixing

the right tools to use

the baking temperature and baking time.


Some recipes will go further to add:

the preparation time

the category of the cake

the locality or origin of the cake

the number of servings

nutritional information

how long the cake can keep before it goes stale.

You see why baking with a winning recipe is very important? Since I understood what is required in developing a standard fail-proof cake recipe, these days, I take time to do my calculations, develop my recipes, try them severally until I get the best result I desire in a perfectly baked cake.

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