I always love enjoying my luscious cakes inside out without wasting a crumb or letting anything get in the way. So most times whenever am decorating a cake for myself or just for family consumption, I always want to choose a type of icing that would be greatly enjoyed without any leftovers.


The case is different when you are in the cake business, serving the public and doing the bid of your client. What your client wants is definitely what you will deliver.


However, in some cases, through a little bit of consultation, you can be the best guide your client will ever need. You can actually help your client choose the type of icing and decorations that best suits the occasion!


I have had clients who came to order a cake with a particular type of icing in mind but after few minutes of consultation, they agreed with me that the icing of their choice would not be good for the event and we had to make changes. In one case, buttercream was changed to fondant. In another case, buttercream was changed to whipped cream.


You see, in this case, customer is not always right… Lol.


So before you decide to go ahead to cover and decorate a cake with a certain type of icing, you should consider the following:


The texture of the baked cake: a cake that is really really spongy, light and fluffy like my Classic Sponge Cake, doesn’t need heavy icing like fondant. It will go well with light frostings like buttercream, whipped cream, cream cheese frosting as these will allow it still maintain its texture and structure without collapsing.



The occasion: Yes! The party! Is the cake going to be a centre of attraction, is there a theme that the decorated cake should match, will it be a dessert? If the cake is going to steal the show a bit and your client doesn’t have a clue regarding the design….you know what to choose? I will definitely go for fondant. Fondant is very versatile and will give you the liberty to be creative.



But if you are going to set up a dessert table for the occasion then you would agree with me that fondant wouldn’t kill it. Light frostings, creams, glaces and drizzles would be a hit!



Climatic condition: I once went to a mall to shop for groceries and on reaching the entrance, a lady was carrying a birthday cake decorated with buttercream. Guess what? The buttercream melted as soon as she left the air conditioned environment of the mall.


So if you live in the temperate region where the weather is mostly warm, you need to put into consideration the heat. Is your cake going to stand for long in the scorching sun? Would you be handling whipped cream? Do you have a chiller, or fridge with constant power supply? How would you keep your cake to avoid “stories that touch”?

You have to make sure your contingency plan is intact before you go ahead. You don’t want to be making refunds because the icing melted even before the party got started…lol


Storage: I think I should say packaging here. When you are choosing a certain type of icing for your cake, have the end in mind. Also think of the right type of packaging suitable for storage and delivery. You don’t want to have a smudged up cake because the packaging was interfering with the icing.


Transporting the cake: how far will the cake go before it gets delivered or reaches its destination? Where will the cake be kept in the vehicle, will the place be hot over time? You know decorated cake doesn’t go along well with heat. What type of filling would be better? Is it a tiered cake? Choosing a type of icing that can withstand pressure and a certain level of heat is key here to avoid cake wreck.


Lastly can you handle it? Do you have an expert knowledge and the right skill set in decorating a cake using the icing of your choice? You really do not want to upset your client or flop a well organized party with a shabbily decorated cake that depicts a high rate of unprofessionalism.


You don’t have to wait until you get a cake order you cannot handle. You can get a professional training ahead of time to arm yourself with the right skills that will enable you rake in the profits from those cake orders.


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